About Us

Caldicotes Primary Academy is located on the Thorntree estate in the east of Middlesbrough.

We employ 40 staff of which 17 are teachers, 14 are Learning and Teaching Assistants, one sports coach who supports our pupils and staff with PE provision and a three strong Admin team to support a smooth running organisation that effectively supports learning.

Our Pupil Admission Number (PAN) is 30 with an attached 30 full-time equivalent (FTE) place Nursery setting.

The Principal is Mrs Helen Steele who is supported by Mr Ben Jones and Miss Angela Barry the Vice Principals.

We have 9 classes and the Nursery setting all of which are supported by the Learning and Teaching Assistants who help to ensure that our pupils receive individual support, care and challenge. In addition we have our ‘Nurture Group’ provision which was established to ensure that pupils at School Action + on the SEN&D register, are able to access suitable provision to ensure that they are challenged to achieve their potential.

Our underpinning aim is for all our pupils to achieve their potential and be challenged to make their best better.Through the creative and stimulating curriculum we aim to develop qualities such as; honesty, resilience and determination, whilst fostering attitudes of care and respect for themselves and their own and wider community.

To view our most recent Ofsted Inspection Report, please click here.