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Home/Academy/Pupil Agreement

When your child begins their learning journey at our school, either in Nursery or at a later stage, we will ask you to sign our Home / Academy / Pupil (HAP) Agreement.  This agreement clearly states what we at the academy will provide for your child and what is expected from you as family members and carers in order to support the academy and your child’s education.  In addition it outlines very clearly what is expected from the child to support themselves to become independent, motivated and successful learners. It is a very important agreement which will be referred to and revisited throughout the time your child is with us at the academy.


Home / Academy / Pupil Agreement
Caldicotes Primary Academy

The academy will:
Care for the children’s safety and happiness
Encourage children to do their best at all times and to strive to make their best better
Encourage children to respect and care for their local and wider community and each other
Inform parents and carers of areas of learning to be undertaken
Inform parents of their child’s progress
Provide stimulating, engaging and appropriate homework tasks
Inform parents about academy activities through regular newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and text messages
Expect the highest standards of appropriate behaviour from our academy community
Provide the opportunities to enable all pupils to achieve the Caldicotes’ Pledges
Be open, honest and welcoming at all times

Each child will:
Arrive on time each day with a complete PE kit, reading book and homework
Respect and care for my own and other people’s belongings
Always be the best I can be and persevere to achieve my dreams
Listen and always do my best
Be polite and well-mannered
Be a friend to everyone
Challenge myself to achieve the Caldicotes’ Pledges

Our family members and carers will:
Make sure the child arrives at school on time everyday
Always inform the school if the child is absent and explain why
Attend Consultation meetings to discuss your child’s progress
Attend Celebration assemblies when your child has been chosen for an award
Support your child to learn by:
Reading each day
Encouraging and supporting them to complete and return all homework tasks
Develop independence, responsibility and ownership of learning
Ensure they have the Academy PE kit at school with their name in
Expect and support your child to achieve the ‘Caldicotes Pledges’
Make sure your child follows and wears the school uniform every day
Make sure your child knows and follows the Caldicotes Code of Conduct:
Respect and care for everyone
Respect and care for everything
Be the best I can be

and our Academy rules:
Be polite, kind and honest
Listen carefully
Use an inside voice
Walk everywhere
Keep your comments, hands and feet to yourself
Support the academy’s activities and visits, returning consent forms and contributions
Value and congratulate your child’s efforts and achievements


Signed on _____________________ (date)


Mrs H M Steele

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Principal                                                    Parent / Carer                                     Child