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The consequences for not following the rules increase in severity and are as follows:-

  1. A warning and name goes on the consequences list
  2. Sit at a ‘time-out’ desk in the classroom
  3. Stay back for one minute at break time
  4. Stay back 5 minutes at break time
  5. Removal to another class and a letter home to parents

It is very important that the ‘cause for concern’ letter that is sent home to you as part of Stage 5, is signed and returned the following day.  

    6. Severe clause – immediate referral to the Head Teacher

At each stage when a child receives a warning for difficult behaviour they are asked which rule they are breaking, and reminded that they can change their behaviour. The choice to change is always theirs and staff provide the opportunity for this to happen.

Our Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants (LSAs) are valued members of our team supporting our effective approach of ‘Assertive Discipline’.  Their consistent use of rewards (caldis and stickers for good manners, use of knife and fork, lining up trophies) and sanctions (see below) supports the whole academy approach.

The Learning Lodge staff support pupils’ development, recognition and awareness of their actions and subsequent consequences of their actions on themselves and others.  Pupils who are removed from the classroom complete a ‘reflection’ form and take a letter home to inform their family that they have been removed from the classroom which must be signed and returned the following day.

The consequences for not following the school rules at lunchtime are as follows:

1.    Send children to the back of the line / wait with the LSA

2.    Time out on the wall ~ 1 minute

3.    Time out on the wall ~ 5 minutes

4.    If behaviour does not improve, remain with LSA for the rest of lunchtime

5.    Seek the member of Senior Leadership Team on duty