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Targeted Mental Health in Schools

Within the academy, we recognise that our pupils deal with a wide variety of social and emotional issues at very young ages and understand the impact this can have on their learning. 
To reduce these 'barriers to learning and progress' the Inclusion team accessed training through the TaMHS Project, which began in 2010.  
As a result of our commitment to support our pupils to flourish and become the best that they can be, within the academy we have employed Mrs Harrison, a dedicated TaMHS L&TA, who works with pupils 1:1 or as part of a small group, undertaking specific interventions that support pupils' emotional health and well-being. 
Identified children will have access to these interventions at times needed to overcome any barriers to learning due to any behavioural, social or emotional problems. 
Parents can contact the academy with any concerns that they may have about their child through Miss Barry in the first instance.

Chill and Chat

‘Chill and Chat’ is a 1:1 intervention. Children are identified from the emotional well-being questionnaires carried out with parent/guardian permission at the start of each new academic year. ‘Chill and Chat’ allows the child to have a relaxed informal weekly timetabled ‘chat’ with the TaMHS teaching and learning assistant. During this time any worries or concerns the child has at that time can be addressed. Regular reviews are carried out with members of the inclusion team to add children who maybe be having difficulties at that time and also to remove children who no longer need to access this intervention.

Circle of Friends

‘Circle of Friends’ is a small group intervention made up of pupils from different year groups. This intervention allows individuals to work with pupils who they wouldn’t normally do so on a day to day basis. Timetabled weekly for 40 minutes the group looks at all aspects of friendship and demonstrates to the pupils how to build up relationships and support their peers. Overtime ‘Circle of Friends’ with the use of games, group discussion, question cards and work tasks helps individuals to build up confidence, self-esteem, pride, working together, communicating and friendship skills and most importantly a resilience to overcome some of the problems that they face linked to friendship and as they continue through life.

Talking and Drawing

Talking and Drawing is a very specific intervention which will only be accessed by a limited number of pupils. Pupils will be identified by the inclusion team as a result of concerns raised by staff or parent/guardians. Talking and drawing therapy will be carried out by our TaMHS teaching and learning assistant twice a week for 12 sessions. This may at times continue for longer if it is felt it would benefit the child. Parent/guardians will be informed if there child will be taking part of this intervention and again any worries or concerns you have will be addressed by Miss Barry in the first instance.