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BIG Award

Last year we gained the Bullying Intervention Group Award. We were the 1st primary school in the 
North East to gain this. It involved members including a school governor, parents, children and staff working together to help stamp out bullying.

To be successful in achieveing the award we had to complete a criteria of 8 areas.
These 8 areas are:

1) A Bullying Intervention Focus Group
2) A robust Anti Bullying Policy
3) Regular Staff Training
4) Involve parents and carers 
5) Pupils' peer support or mentoring system
6) Regular awareness raising activities
7) Testimonial from a young person
8) Recording and monitoring of bullying incidents

Through the BIG work we set up a group of pupils named the BullyBusters. Their role is to listen and watch on the playground, and intervene if children are not 'being nice' to other children. We chose 2 chief BullyBusters to oversee the group and we hold regular meetings where children feedback any incident that may have occurred.