Golden Ticket

Golden ticket winner - Ellie

posted 15 Dec 2014, 01:49 by Helen Steele   [ updated 15 Dec 2014, 01:57 ]

  Ellie went along with Mrs Crabbe on Saturday 13th December to see 'the mighty Boro' play Derby.  This was in recognition of her commitment to supporting the academy as part of her role in the 'Sports Crew'.

Golden ticket winner - MacKenzie

posted 15 Dec 2014, 01:40 by Helen Steele   [ updated 15 Dec 2014, 01:41 ]

I was allowed to the football match because of my behaviour, my attitude towards the teachers and because of my role of being a prefect. When all the other prefects went home from parents evening I waited patiently for the last parent at 6:05pm on Monday 29th September 2014. 

My reward was going to the Football Match. I felt unbelievably excited! I felt EMBARRASSED because Mrs Crabbe was shouting COME ON BORO and not only that it was mostly YOU ARE MY BORO MY ONLY BORO!!!!!! I enjoyed it when Boro scored. It was the first time I had been to a football match, I hope I win the golden ticket again. 

By Mackenzie from Year 6

Golden ticket winner - Cora

posted 15 Dec 2014, 01:26 by Helen Steele   [ updated 15 Dec 2014, 01:58 ]

When I went to the football match with Mrs Crabbe, it was amazing!
It was the best experience I have had in my entire life, because I have never been to a football match in the Boro stadium before. I really enjoyed it and I think she did too by all the clapping and shouting. 
When Boro scored a goal we all jumped up out of our seats and sang a song that went like this: "come on Boro come on boro." I loved it especially with all the chocolate and coke I had to drink and eat. 
I would be a very happy if I went again.

by Cora

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