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Tigers are not rubbish!

Children from the Learning Lodge entered a nationwide competition called Tigers are not Rubbish. The competition was run by Save Wild Tigers and The Born Free Foundation to draw attention to the plight of the tiger which sadly is at risk of becoming extinct.

The children had to research, design and build a model of a tiger using only recycled materials.

The children chose a mother and cubs design for our model and got to work! We wanted the model to reflect the future we hoped we were helping to save; we even gave her a name! Tia (which means princess) took 2 weeks to complete and when she was ready we boxed her up and sent her to London. 

When the news arrived that we had got into the top 10 and she was to be displayed at St Pancras Station we were delighted! Even better news followed, we were sent tickets for two adults and two children to go to London to watch the winner being announced!

150 schools nationwide had entered but only 10 shortlisted and it was these models we were travelling to see. After the judges had looked at all the entries we had even more good news... we made the final two!

Waiting for the winner to be announced felt like a lifetime but when they said the name of our school it took a moment for it all to sink in 
- WE HAD WON!    
Our prize was a years adoption of a gorgeous adult male tiger named Roque but we also got £300 worth of books for our library and had the opportunity to meet two very important ladies. Lauren St John is a very successful children's author and Virgina McKenna OBE, actress and founder of The Born Free Foundation.