10 Things about Assessment at Caldicotes Primary Academy

  1. We complete ‘Baseline assessments’ within the first week of pupils entering our academy Nursery setting.

  2. Pupils complete statutory assessments at the end of each key stage as well as statutory phonic assessments in Y1. 

  3. Termly teacher assessments show that children make good progress aiming to achieve a level 2B at the end of key stage 1 and a level 4B at the end of key stage 2, in line with national expectations. 

  4. To close the gap between age related expectation and attainment levels from the baselines in nursery, pupils are expected to make at least 6 points progress a year in KS1 (a figure above the government’s target) and at least 4 points progress each year in KS2. 

  5. Teacher assessments are recorded on the school’s own data tracker that all staff in school have access to, which enables effective monitoring of pupil progress. Core subjects including speaking and listening are recorded every half term and foundation subjects twice a year. Results are recorded as points for core subjects and as NC levels for foundation subjects. During this transition period towards assessing against the new national curriculum for 2014, these points values and NC levels can be tracked to age related expectations using the ‘National Ruler’. This can be found in the same network file as the data tracker. 

  6. The Achievement and Progress Leader, in conjunction with the data technician and AET, monitors tracking data drawing together information about progress every term and feeding back to staff. 

  7. Regular pupil progress meetings draw teachers’ attention to trends within their own cohort and indicates where further work or intervention needs to be targeted. · Intervention completed is also recorded on the Schools data tracker with evidence and comments about the impact made recorded. 

  8. Pupils in school are aware of their own levels, where they have come from and through discussions with their teacher, what they need to do to achieve the next step in their learning. 

  9. School has a rigorous marking policy ensuring that all staff across school mark children’s work and give feedback consistently. 

  10. As well as an in school data tracker, we buy into the LEA’s data team which provides us with weekly support producing tracking data, analysis comparisons and ensure statutory reporting procedures are completed.