As part of National Storytelling Week, at Caldicotes Primary Academy, the children have been encouraged to share their favourite stories.
Here are some examples of learning undertaken during this year's national story telling week.

Year 6 - Reading with Year 1
We absolutely loved National Storytelling Week in year 6! We have done lots of activities to do with reading all through the week. 
We took part in the whole school competition to see who could read the most stories! We are eagerly awaiting the results! 

In English we have begun to look at many different Greek myths and we have discovered that myths are one of the oldest ways of telling stories. Up to now our favourite one is Pandora’s Box. 

During National Storytelling week we had the fantastic opportunity to share some stories with children from Nursery and Year 1. We read to each other and asked each other questions about the books.

Sophie, from year 6 said “I enjoyed the shared reading because I had never read to a younger child before. I learnt that you need to speak slowly and ask clear questions to a year 1 child."

Daniel, from year 6, said “I enjoyed the shared reading because I asked lots of questions and answered interesting questions from the year 1s. I learnt to speak slowly when read reading a book to someone else.” 

Year 6 - A story written by Kirsty Grimes - Jack and the Cheesestalk!

Year 2 - A story written by Lilly-Jo Tucker - Busy Bear's Surprise!
Busy Bear was getting ready for his big world-wide adventure around the world. He wandered if his friends would be excited to see him? He packed his jetpack with some toys, a game, his pyjamas, some food, his passport and a picture of Year 2. Then he put some fuel in his jetpack and set off. 


After all that packing Busy bear set off for sunny Italy. Busy Bear packed lots of sunny clothes because it would be very hot. Was Busy Bear excited to see Brown Bear? Brown Bear had a delicious feast prepared for Busy bear. When Busy bear went to the toilet, Brown Bear slipped a fig in his jetpack!

Next Busy Bear flew on to a different continent, Africa. He met a new friend, Grumpy Gorilla in a hot, wet rainforest in the Congo. The Grumpy Gorilla made Busy Bear a tropical guava meal. When Busy Bear went to get a drink Grumpy Gorilla put a fresh guava in his jetpack.

Finally Busy Bear set off for home. As he jetted home he thought about his adventures with his great faithful friends Grumpy Gorilla and Brown Bear. Finally he arrived back home. What do you think was in his bag? A small purple fig and a bright green guava. What a surprise! 

Year 2 - Our favourite stories from home

We all had an incredible time during National Storytelling Week. As a class we explored stories related to the Chinese New Year.

Many of us shared favourite stories from home too!


Patron of Reading

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Gabrielle Kent has agreed to become our Patron of Reading. 

A Patron of Reading (PoR) is a school's special, designated children's author with whom the school forms a personal attachment. There will be lots of opportunities for Gabrielle to support our academy and be involved in a range of events.

Our children will remember when Gabrielle visited in the summer. It was a fabulous opportunity for our children to meet a local author and to gain an exclusive preview of her first published book, Alfie Bloom and the Secrets of Hexbridge Castle.

We hope that this partnership will have a significant impact on:  
* Sparking extra interest in reading generally throughout the school 
* Providing staff with an added dimension when encouraging reading for pleasure
* Give pupils an extra incentive to join in with schemes such as the Summer Reading Challenge and Ready, Steady, Read.
* Encouraging increased sharing of books at home.
* Boosting the quality of creative writing.

If you would like to find out more about this initiative, please visit http://www.patronofreading.co.uk/ and to discover more about our patron you can visit http://gabriellekent.com/

Peace at Last

We have recorded some of the children reading a selection of these stories so that they can be also shared at home - perhaps they could be read as bedtime stories!
8Here is Jordan (Year 6) reading 'Peace at Last', recommended by Mia (Year 1):


For our 'Overview of Quality Phonics Delivery', please click here to view it on our Curriculum Policies page.
Here are two video clips demonstrating how to pronounce sounds in a pure way:


10 Things about English at Caldicotes Primary Academy

  1. We have a wide and varied range of reading opportunities across the Academy, including guided, whole class and independent reading time. In pupil discussions, many commented that they believed we were a ‘Reading Academy’. 

  2. We promote and encourage all of our children to read for pleasure, ensuring that all classes have daily story time and that children can enjoy books of their own choice. Children are encouraged to respond to text through discussion. 

  3. We promote home reading and constantly generate ideas to help our parents engage in reading with their children. We have devised a new homework/Reading Diary this academic year, which has been positively received by children up to year 6 even. 

  4. We have 3 Reading Assistants to promote reading for enjoyment, and to support the progress and attainment of targeted children. These appointment have contributed to the successful reading outcomes in the last academic year. 

  5. It is a non-negotiable that daily phonics lessons occur throughout the academy, with an emphasis upon embedding and applying our learning through all reading and writing opportunities across the curriculum. It is anticipated that this will have an impact upon writing outcomes. 

  6. Children are encouraged to express their ideas and opinions in pairs, groups and class discussions in complete, grammatically accurate sentences. 

  7. Class assemblies and productions give children an opportunity to demonstrate their oratory and share their achievements with a wider audience, and in turn achieve an academy pledge. 

  8. English is at the heart of many of our cross curricular projects and in the continued development of our creative curriculum. We recognise that an aspect of English is in all that we do. 

  9. We use a cursive style of handwriting to support joining and improvements in spelling. The development of these skills will aid the development of sustained writing across the curriculum. 

  10. In line with the expectations of the revised National curriculum, editing and polishing skills are becoming embedded from KS1 and above, and are leading to improvements in the final drafts produced.