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10 things about Humanities at Caldicotes Primary Academy

  1. We follow the Middlesbrough Agreed 2014-19 Syllabus as the framework for teaching RE supported by the National Curriculum. Children are taught the minimum statutory requirement of 1 hour of RE per week, however through our project working, we look to explore learning about and learning from religion and belief. 

  2. We exploit opportunities linked to world faith festivals across the year to enrich our curriculum, broaden our knowledge and place events in context locally, nationally and globally. For example: Saint Days - Patron Saints of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland; Christianity – Harvest, Christmas, Easter; Judaism – Hanukkah; Hinduism/Sikhism – Divali; Islam – Eid-ul-Fitr.


  3. We exploit national and international history themes to underpin learning for cross-curricular projects linked to the Curriculum 2014 document. 

  4. We challenge pupils to engage with primary and secondary sources of evidence to generate hypotheses about life in the past.

  5. We enrich the learning with resources such as with resource boxes, and through visits and visitors. 


  6. We aim to provide our pupils with a sense of pride in their locality, their town and their region. 

  7. We ensure that our pupils are provided with the opportunity to explore and learn about their immediate locality and contrast that to other areas in the region, nationally and internationally.

  8. As a Green Flag academy, we maximise the Environmental learning opportunities to develop our knowledge of reduce, reuse and recycle. We consider the impact of humans on the world – positive and negative and explore different countries, cultures and contrasting localities. 

  9. We challenge and support pupils to develop specific skills to maximise their ability to learn about different places – map skills, interpret data. 

  10. We support pupils to make effective use of technology to engage with the wider world.

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