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Welcome to AET Mathematics

AET mathematics is a community of 68 academies employed by a single employer - including Caldicotes Primary Academy. Our vision is to make mathematics exciting, relevant and easy for our young people.

We have a wide range of academies within our community and the central mathematics team including our mathematics SLEs aim to provide excellence in all that we do, it is critical that we add value to our academies through our mathematics toolkit and three part support package.

The fostering of our mathematics community is very important to us, we want all colleagues who teach mathematics in special, primary and secondary education to sense that they are part of something bigger than one class, something wider than one academy, that they are part of a family of academies working together to change the lives of our young people.

We have worked with colleagues within our mathematics community to identify 8 elements that are key to delivering inspirational mathematics.

Our mathematics toolkit is the window into these elements. Our toolkit is an organic entity developed by our community for our community and beyond. It is constantly developing and constantly improving.

Inspiring young people is at the core of all that we do and so we open this page up to the wider mathematics community, to enable colleagues in schools and academies across the country to engage in our toolkit.

Please click on the link below to explore the Mathematics Curriculum we implement at Caldicotes:

10 things about Mathematics at Caldicotes Primary Academy

Mathematics is a life skill which, when appropriate, is taught in context so children can understand why it important they learn about it. Along with English it is the foundation of our curriculum and is embedded at every opportunity.

Mathematics impacts on learning by the teaching being BRAVE. Buzzing, Relevant, Academic, Vocational and Enjoyment. 

At the academy the children have the opportunity to count every day. This may happen during the Mathematics lesson or in a more relevant scenario (Such as one to one correspondence). 

At least once a week every child is taught in a more practical scenario. This is often a low access high ceiling activity.

At the front of the classroom there is a display which aids the learning of the current topic in mathematics that the children are experiencing.

Numicon is available across the academy. This gives children a pictorial/visual image of number, which can be a difficult concept.

To improve the life skill of telling the time each child in KS2 will be given a watch. This gesture shows just how much the academy believes in giving learning opportunities to our learners. 

Mathematics is embedded across areas of the curriculum to enable our learners to excel at what they want to be. Through Practical Learning Opportunities (PLO’s) our learners experience the importance of why we learn Mathematics as a basic skill. 

The academy has the basic skill award. We are very proud of this as it demonstrates the extraordinary work both staff and learners do within the academy. 

ICT plays a huge role in our young learner’s lives. By taking part in Sumdog KS2 children are able to apply their mental mathematics skills in various competitions against classmates, schools in Middlesbrough or nationally. They can also access this at home.