10 Things about Computing at Caldicotes Primary Academy

  1. We have an ICT suite of 30 Apple Mac computers that are used to support a creative curriculum. 

  2. Each class has at least three PC’s and an interactive whiteboard to help support the delivery of the entire curriculum. 

  3. Pupils get regular computer use each week in the ICT suite and within the classroom. 

  4. Our ICT curriculum is based on the new computing curriculum from 2014, where pupils are taught coding using a variety of resources including; Espresso, Kodable and Amazing Alex.

  5. To enhance the provision of ICT across the academy, we have two sets of 16 iPads for pupils to use as well as some staff iPads and iPads in the early years setting. 

  6. Pupils enjoy using ICT in their everyday work and it is seen as a tool to engage pupils and enhance their learning. 

  7. Our network and infrastructure is managed by One IT with an on-site technician visiting at least once a week, the building has complete Wi-Fi coverage, although not in the dining hall. 

  8. In EYFS and KS1, pupils experience a wealth of ICT in action, in addition to on a PC. 

  9. Every child in the academy has an individual account and log-on for the network where they can access resources and store their own work. 

  10. Staff and a growing number of pupils across the academy use Google accounts, Google drive and Google docs to help organise their work, increasing efficiency and communication.

The academy is very proud of the ICT provision. We believe in providing the very best in technology to ensure pupils are able to engage in their learning effectively. Classrooms and many learning bays have interactive whiteboards and access to the network of software used to enhance and engage the children in their learning. The ICT suite is complete with Apple Mac computers that support pupils’ creative use of ICT. We are at the forefront of developing the use of Apple Mac computers within Middlesbrough to support pupils being able to access and engage in learning in different ways. There are banks of computers in each classroom which enable pupils to use them across the curriculum. Children and staff have access to a range of other IT pieces of hardware such as cameras, roamers, Beebots that support pupils' developing the necessary skills we believe they will need in the future.

Pupils are issued with a username and password to log on to the network and also to the internet. All children and parents MUST read and sign the E-Safety policy on entry to to the academy. Pupils regularly review E-safety issues through general class work and as part of PSHE&Ce work.