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A Trip to the Seaside

posted 19 Jun 2015, 06:19 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 19 Jun 2015, 06:19 ]
This week in Nursery we started our new topic ‘A Trip to the Seaside’ taken from the children’s interests. Through the classroom areas and our outdoor provision we have been focusing on the following aspects of learning; shape, exploring media and materials and speaking.

We have been learning to identify shapes and describe their properties.

We really enjoyed fishing for shapes, playing with shapes and sorting shapes!

We have been learning to explore using different media and materials. In the week read a story about a rainbow fish. This gave us a great idea……….

We really enjoyed making our very own rainbow fish using different materials!

Through our play, we have been learning to become an active learner.

Sapphire went on a special adventure this week. We had lots of fun looking inside his back pack and thinking about where he was going. Can you guess where he is going?

We look forward to learning about his adventure at the seaside!

Fun in the sun! Bringing learning outdoors!

It has been a very busy week in Nursery and we have been making our best better to be the best that we can be!

Keep checking Nursery’s webpage and the academy’s Twitter page to find out what we have been getting up to! Next week our letter of the week is ‘p’ and our number of the week is 14.