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The Gingerbread Man

posted 6 Mar 2015, 05:39 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 20 Mar 2015, 06:49 ]
This week in Nursery we have been focusing on listening to instructions and working as a group to complete a task, counting objects accurately and we have been developing our ability to talk about stories we have read and understand how stories are structured.

In literacy we read a story called ‘The Gingerbread Man'. This gave us a great idea! We decided to make our very own gingerbread men. We had lots of fun adding ingredients, mixing the mixture and rolling out the dough.

We even got to go inside the kitchen and look at the HUGE ovens! Luckily our gingerbread men didn’t run away and we had lots of fun decorating them.

If you would like to make some gingerbread men at home, follow the link below to get the full recipe and ingredients: 


In numeracy we have been developing our counting skills and at every opportunity we have been counting objects and representing numbers in different ways by using our fingers, playing with Numicon and making marks. 

On Thursday it was Wold Book Day. We got dressed up as our favourite characters from stories. We had a fantastic day reading and sharing our favourite books. We love reading!

In phonics, Miss Pounder’s group have been listening carefully to initial phonemes in words and we have been developing our oral blending and segmenting skills. This week we have been practising writing the graphemes, o, c, k and the letters in our name. We learnt the tricky word ‘no’ this week.

Mrs Edgar’s group have also been listening carefully to initial letter sounds in words and developing their oral blending and segmenting skills. We really enjoyed making lots of silly soup and making soup that silly!

Mrs Dean’s phonics group have been developing their awareness of sounds made with musical instruments and noise makers. We have been learning to talk about sounds using a wide range of vocabulary. We particularly enjoyed tuning into sounds by closing our eyes and guessing which musical instrument Mrs Dean played.

Here is an update on our magic beans. Some of our beans are now beginning to grow into seedlings!!!

It has been a very busy week in Nursery and we have been making our best better to be the best that we can be!

Keep checking Nursery’s webpage and the academy's Twitter page to find out what we have been getting up to!

Next week we are focusing on the digraph ‘ll.’ Can you think of any words that have this digraph in them?