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Week 10 in Nursery

posted 20 Mar 2015, 07:44 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 20 Mar 2015, 07:46 ]
This week in Nursery we have been learning to play and explore, we have been learning to solve simple problems and we have been learning to use materials to create simple representations of objects.

As part of science week, we have been learning about the life cycle of a frog. We learnt lots of interesting facts about frogs and we looked closely at frogs spawn. We even helped our teachers to set up our own pond area in our outdoor space! We will put our baby tadpoles in there when they have developed. Linked to the theme of frogs, in literacy we read a story called ‘The Frog Prince’. We talked about the story together as a group and we made predictions about what we thought might happen next. 

Did you know that a frog sheds it’s skin? They have a long sticky tongue and powerful back legs.

Through our play this week, we have been developing our ability to explore and engage in open ended activities. We have been developing our ability to play together in a group and take on active roles in our play.

In phonics, Miss Pounder’s group have been listening carefully to initial phonemes in words and we have been developing our oral blending and segmenting skills. This week we have been practising writing the graphemes, b, j, h and the letters in our name. We learnt the tricky word ‘he’ this week.

Mrs Edgar’s group have also been listening carefully to initial letter sounds in words and developing their oral blending and segmenting skills. We really enjoyed making silly soup and identifying words that begin with the same phonemes.

Mrs Dean’s phonics group have been learning to experience and appreciate rhythm and rhyme and they have been developing their awareness of rhythm and rhyme in speech. We really enjoyed making rhyming soup and singing songs and rhymes to develop our knowledge of rhyming words.

Here is an update on our magic beans. They are growing so big that we will be able to climb up them soon! Just like Jack did in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

On Thursday we invited our parents and carers to come and visit us in Nursery. We enjoyed showing them how we are ‘the best that we can be!’ We had a tombola, a cake stall and a book stall. The open day was a HUGE success and we raised a staggering £178.50! We will use this money to make our EYFS setting's ‘best even better.’ Thank you so much for your support and we can’t wait for our next EYFS event! 


It has been a very busy week in Nursery and we have been making our best better to be the best that we can be! 

Keep checking Nursery’s webpage and the academy's Twitter page to find out what we have been getting up to!

Next week we are focusing on the grapheme ‘v.’ Can you think of any words that begin with this grapheme? Our new number of the week is 4. Can you count up to 4 using your counting fingers?