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Week 11 in Nursery

posted 21 Nov 2014, 05:16 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 21 Nov 2014, 05:16 ]
This week in Nursery we have started to learn about our new topic day and night.

In literacy we read a story called Day monkey Night monkey. From reading this story we thought about what we do and see during the day and night. We also had lots of fun listening to different sounds. We had to make sure that we had our listening ears on and we thought about if we hear these sounds during the day or during the night.

In maths we have been introduced to the concept of time. We looked at a clock and a sand timer and we talked about what these objects are used for. We looked at a range of familiar objects and we separated them into two groups- daytime and night time objects. We then thought about what we do during the day and using our mathematical skills, we sequenced familiar events of our day.

In phonics Miss Pounder’s group have been listening carefully to initial letters sounds in words and they have been developing their oral blending and segmenting skills. This week the children have been focusing on the letters; p, i and n.

Mrs Edgar’s and Mrs Dean’s phonics group have been developing their awareness of rhythm and rhyme in speech. Increasing their knowledge and understanding of words that rhyme.

In our topic work we have been developing our mathematical skills to solve practical problems. We looked at different objects and separated them into two groups- objects that give off light and objects that do not give off light. We had lots of fun experimenting with wind-up and battery operated torches.

We even investigated using circuit boards, trying to make a bulb light up!

Keep checking Nursery’s webpage to find out what we have been getting up to!