Little Red Riding Hood

posted 13 Feb 2015, 05:35 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 13 Feb 2015, 05:35 ]
This week in Maths we have been doing more problem solving. We are getting much better at thinking of our own strategies to solve the answer. We have worked out different ways of splitting amounts of objects equally. We have also revisited 2D and 3D shapes.

In English we have continued with another traditional tale. This week it has been Little Red Riding Hood. There are different versions of this story, in one of them the wolf eats Grandma whole! We have continued to use adjectives to describe the characters and we have produced some fabulous writing.

In PE we have come to the end of circuit training, we really enjoyed it and learnt new ways of moving and gained confidence to challenge ourselves in fitness. Next term we will be starting tennis.

There will be some changes in our classroom next term, we are getting new flooring and areas will be moved around.