PE & Phonics

posted 12 Sep 2014, 05:35 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 12 Sep 2014, 05:35 ]

This half term we are looking at football skills in our PE lessons. James the football coach is coming in to teach us every Wednesday. Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday and for health and safety reasons it is important that we do not wear earrings on these days. 

When we get ready for PE there are 31 sets of clothes, please can we have all of our clothing named so that it makes it easier to find in the classroom.

We practise our early writing using different media. This week we have focused on the graphemes s, a, t, p. Spotting these graphemes in the environment will help us with our learning.

We love to read in the classroom. Early reading focuses on children being able to handle books correctly and use the pictures to tell stories. As we progress in our phonics we will bring home basic books with words. Please can we bring in our reading books every day because we enjoy reading with Mrs Grant.