Week 10 in Reception

posted 20 Mar 2015, 07:35 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 20 Mar 2015, 07:39 ]
This week in maths Mrs Tranter, one of our parent governors, has been coming in to support us with our number formation. We have found this to be a great help. We have also continued with activities to support our addition, subtraction and ordering of numbers.

We have been looking at another story about Winnie the Witch this week. This time she put her magic wand in the washing machine and it stopped working properly! Her spells kept going wrong. We have produced some writing for our display that will soon be up in the corridor.

We have had a visit from the school nurse to discuss healthy eating. The nurse was happy to hear all our knowledgeable answers.

Our class have really enjoyed the discussion around the frog spawn and are eager to see what happens to them. 

On Thursday it was our very successful open day, parents joined us for our phonics session. They were able to work with their children in the areas. The cakes and Easter egg tombola were also very popular. 

We love our new outdoor area, we play cooperatively together and always try to work out issues independently.