A Trip to the Shops

posted 24 Apr 2015, 08:49 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 1 May 2015, 05:14 ]
This week in maths we have been working with money again, and when we out on our visit in the local environment we looked for something that cost 50p. We then used 10p coins to pay the correct amount.

We have also made a tally chart in class to discover which our favourite fruit is. We found out that we love strawberries the best.

In English this week we have been reading the story of Paddington at the Tower. Paddington visited the Tower of London and he found out that ravens like to eat marmalade sandwiches. We have labelled pictures of Paddington and written a description of the tower. Please can you help us to find out what else a raven likes to eat.

We went for a walk to see what was in our local area. We looked at the different types of shops in Thorntree and bought some biscuits. Then we had a look in the library, some of us had not been there before and we enjoyed looking at all of the books. Finally we went to the park to have a play and eat our biscuits. Please can you help us to learn our own address.

Our caterpillars have grown! They are getting very fat. We are eager to see how they will change next week.

Please remember to put suitable PE shoes in with your child's PE kit because we will be doing PE outside weather permitting.