Woodwork, World Book Day & Winnie the Witch

posted 6 Mar 2015, 05:58 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 6 Mar 2015, 05:58 ]
We have settled in to our newly decorated classroom now. Here we are enjoying the new woodwork bench:

This week we celebrated World Book Day, we dressed up to mark this special day. Although we read book every day, this was an opportunity to celebrate this.

This week in maths we have been working on addition and subtraction using board games and Numicon. We have also been working out doubles. We have practiced using all the strategies learnt so far which include, counting on, counting back, using a number line, fingers and objects to help us to solve these mathematical problems.

In English we have been reading a story about Winnie the Witch. This week Winnie bought a new computer and we have been discussing all the different ways computers can help us learn. We know that information can be retrieved from a computer. We have also been writing sentences in phonics sessions this week, concentrating on good handwriting and using a capital letter and full stop.