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Last week of term in Nursery

posted 4 Nov 2015, 07:19 by Vicki Bowes
BEWARE!!!! It has been a very spooky and magical week in nursery this week. As Halloween approaches, we have enjoyed a fun packed week of all things magical, dressing up and spooooooooky learning!

Following our whole academy focus of spooky science, we have enjoyed listening to a range of Winnie the Witch stories.

We even learnt a new song all about her and her cat! Click on the link below to listen and join in with this song.


As Winnie the Witch has magical powers and she is able to perform magic by saying the magic words ‘Abracadabra’, we decided to see if this would help us to perform magic too. We carried out a range of magical experiments across the week from magic milk, floating eggs, to exploding cola and dancing raisins! It was sooo much fun!

Our favourite experiment was exploding cola. For this experiment all we needed was a bottle of cola and a packet of mentos. We placed the mentos packet into the bottle of cola and observed what happened!!!!!!!!! It really was magical! Why don’t you try this at home but make sure you stand well back as you might get a little bit wet!

Again linked to the theme of magic, we listened to a story called ‘Mouse Paint.’ Click on the link below if you would like to listen to this story;


This story was about 3 cheeky mice who got very messy. They explored what happened when they mixed paint together. This gave us a great idea, just like the mice in the story we explored what happened when we mixed two primary colours together too………

In phonics we have been developing our oral blending and segmenting skills. We really enjoyed talking about sounds by playing eye spy and learning to listen and remember sounds by exploring what was in our sound bag this week.

We have enjoyed consolidating our learning in our outdoor environment too. 

We really enjoyed getting dressed up in spooky costumes on the final day of term to celebrate our learning in spooky science week.


It has been a very busy week this week and we certainly have been making our best better to be the best that we can be!

As we approach the end of the first half term, the staff in nursery would like to say a massive thank you to all parents for their continued help and support!

Keep checking nursery’s webpage and the schools Twitter page to find out what we have been getting up to! Next half term we look forward to learning about bonfire night, exploring changes taking place through autumn and winter and of course………….We are super excited for the countdown to Christmas!!!!!! Have a lovely break and we will see you again soon, ready to make our best even better in the final autumn half term.