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Week 11 in Nursery

posted 1 Dec 2015, 05:41 by Vicki Bowes
This week in Nursery we have been continuing to develop our speaking and listening skills and we have been focusing on giving meaning to marks as we draw, write and paint.

When we arrived at Nursery on Monday, we noticed something very strange. We found huge muddy footprints on the floor and there were a set of very large keys. We talked about who we thought could have made the footprints and what we thought the keys might unlock?

Then we received a special message from…………..A GIANT! That’s right, a giant! He was looking for a little boy called Jack who had taken his golden coins, his hen and his golden harp. We soon realised that the giant must have been in our nursery, leaving behind his footprints and keys!

The next day we received another special message, this time form Jack the little boy. He asked for our help to find the giant and send him back up the beanstalk.


We had a fantastic idea! We decided to completed wanted posters of the giant and put them up around the school to encourage people to look out for him!

If you see him, please let Miss Pounder, Mrs Edgar or Mrs Dean know in our nursery!

In Phonics, Mrs Edgar and Mrs Dean’s group have been developing their awareness of rhythm and rhyme. They have been increasing their awareness of words that rhyme and developing their knowledge of rhythm. We really enjoyed making rhyming soup and listening to rhyming stories. Miss Pounder’s children have been listening carefully to initial phonemes in words and developing their segmenting and blending skills. We really enjoyed making silly soup and putting it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly!

Linked to anti- bullying week last week, the morning children showcased their learning to the rest of the Academy about the importance of being a good friend. We learnt a new song called ‘The Friendship Song.’ Watch our video to see how we are being the best that we can be!


We really enjoyed taking part in a whole school academy art project this week.

EYFS Getting arty!

We have continued to develop our learning and skills outside.

It has been a very busy week in nursery and we certainly have been making our best better to be the best that we can be!

Keep checking nursery’s webpage and the school’s Twitter page to find out what we have been getting up to! Next week our letter of the week is ‘k’ and our number of the week is 12. Can you think of a word that begins with this phoneme? Can you count up to the number 12? What number is one less than 12? What number is one more than 12?