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Week 21 in Reception!

posted 26 Feb 2016, 03:37 by Vicki Bowes

This half term we will be following the theme of space. We will be reading stories, finding out about the planets and working out what an astronaut might get up to on the international space station. Tim Peake is a British astronaut who is up in space now! Some of us want to be astronauts when we grow up.

In English this week our story focus has been the story of ‘The Dionosaur that Pooped a Planet.’ In this story Danny and his dinosaur went up to space in a rocket but they forgot to take a packed lunch. The dinosaur ended up eating everything in space which is not very healthy! We then thought of different foods the dinosaur could that would be healthier. 

In maths this week we have been adding by counting on. We have used a range of different strategies, holding the number in our heads, counting on and using a number line.

In PE this week we used the big apparatus. It was fantastic! Some of us found it a little bit scary when we got high but we all had a go. It is important that we learn to manage risk to keep ourselves safe and build confidence.