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Week 2 in Reception

posted 21 Sep 2015, 07:57 by Vicki Bowes
We have had a really busy week in reception. In our English lessons we have been focusing on the story of Funny Bones. The skeletons lived in a dark, dark house and they wanted to go out on an adventure to scare somebody! We have completed some story sequencing and we have talked about the things that might scare us. Lots of the children said that they didn’t like spiders.

In our maths lessons we have continues to practise our counting. We are now counting forwards and backwards, we sometimes pretend to be rockets blasting off into the sky. We have also been improving our number recognition. We have been ordering numbers and we had to beat the timer. It is important that we look for numbers in our environment for example the numbers on buses and our house numbers.

We have had lots of fun making different skeleton pictures. Our bodies are full of bones. Our head has a skull and inside it is our brains, it is important that we wear a helmet when we are riding bikes and scooters to protect our brains. We wear a helmet at school when we ride the bikes and scooters.

Clare came to teach our PE lesson on Tuesday, we are learning gymnastics. She has taught us how to make different shapes with our bodies.

We are also enjoying forest schools. We wear special waterproofs when we go outside. Please can we bring our wellies to school next week so that we keep our school shoes clean.

Don’t forget, you can check what we are up to by looking at the school twitter page. We put pictures on everyday.