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Week 3 in Reception

posted 25 Sep 2015, 05:45 by Vicki Bowes
We have had another busy week in reception. In our English lessons we have been focusing on a story called ‘When I grow up.’ The story was about a turtle called Sebastian who had lots of different ideas about what he wanted to be when he grew up. We talked about our own aspirations during a speaking and listening session and we also recorded our thoughts in our workbooks. Some of us wanted to be characters from our favourite stories, artists, teachers and police officers.

In class 1 we now wear special hats when we are working. We wear these so that other people know not to disturb us. Even Mrs Cook wears one! Our work is getting better because they help us to concentrate.

In our maths lessons this week we have been practising our shape recognition. We have made shape monsters, described shapes for our friends to identify and we even went on a shape walk to find a given shape in the environment. Shapes are everywhere! Please can we look for shapes outside in our environment, in our homes and outside.

On Wednesday we went into the hall with the whole school to watch a performance of ‘Dwaine Pipe.’ The show helped us to realise what we can put down the drain and what we should put in the bin. We found it exciting and we were allowed to sit on benches!

Did you know that we clean our teeth every afternoon to promote good dental hygiene? We listen to a song while we clean our teeth, it’s great fun.

Don’t forget, you can check what we are up to by looking at the school twitter page. We put pictures on everyday.