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Week ending 05.05.17 in Reception!

posted 11 May 2017, 02:41 by Vicki Bowes

This week in Reception class,we have been exploring the life cycle of a butterfly. We have caterpillars in the class, which we can observe and we will be able to watch them as they grow and as they form the chrysalis and then turn into butterflies.

In English we read ‘Caterpillar to Butterfly’ by Camilla de la Bedoyere, an information book about the life cycle of a butterfly and used our Resilient reader hand, to help us ask and answer questions.

We talked, drew and wrote about what happens during the life cycle and about why it is called a cycle. 

In Maths we have been using play dough balls to support subtraction. The children made balls of play dough and smashed a specific number of them, then counted the remaining balls of dough to find the answer. We had great fun and we were developing our understanding of subtraction.

The children also illustrated the life cycle of a butterfly by making the cycle on a paper plate and using pasta and dried peas.