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Week 4 in Reception Class 1 and 2

posted 9 Oct 2015, 03:53 by Vicki Bowes
We have had another busy week in reception. In our English lessons we have been focusing on ‘The Little Red Hen.’ The story was about a hen who asked her friends to help her to grow wheat to make bread. They wouldn’t help her and she had to make the bread herself! Some of us thought that the hen’s friends were selfish.

On Thursday we were like ‘The Little Red Hen’ and we used some flour to make soda bread. It was a bit sticky and we got it all over our hands!

In our maths lessons this week we have been concentrating on our number recognition and we have been counting all the way to 100 using a number square! We have also been challenging our brains to work out what is one more. Some of us have played a number game where we had to find one more and one less.

On Wednesday it was ‘No Pens Day!’ An author came into see us, we played language games and she read a story. She had really good voices and she told us the story of the three little pigs.