Year 3/4 Forest Schools - Spring 2015

posted 16 Jan 2015, 05:51 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 6 Feb 2015, 08:12 ]
This term it is Year 3/4's that get to take part in Forest Schools sessions!

In the classroom we have been looking at the Romans and the Celts.

Linking in with this project we have had a go at setting up our own camp! We had to think about what we would need to survive while on the move. We considered our skills and talents then divided into 3 groups, just like a real army may do!

Soldiers would need to be protected from the elements, the first group of children got to work on building a shelter that would protect sleepy soldiers from the weather.

Even in the warmer months it can get cold on an evening, soldiers on the move didn't have central heating to keep them warm! Fires would have been used to warm shelters but also to cook on. There were no take away shops in Roman times!

No army would be complete without weapons to defend themselves. Thinking about the time, weapons would have been made mostly from wood. The children used potato peelers to whittle javelins. We then gave them ‘Caldi-flair’ by decorating them using natural materials and, of course, we had to test them. Charge!!!!!
Queen Boudica would be very proud!

Of course it wasn't all about war! Romans settled here and built more permanent structures, in fact a lot of our modern ways originate from Roman inventions! The next time you are walking to school take a look at the road. The Romans invented them! They also came up with the idea of raising the centre slightly, this allows the rain to run into the drains, stopping the roads from getting waterlogged! Clever Romans!

A commonly used method of building during that time was wattle and daub. Now many artists such as Lizzie Farey use willow weaving for decorative art pieces. A willow wall would be woven( wattle) then covered with a thick layer of daub (mud and straw,often animal manure was added too!)

Here are some photographs of the children engaging in their Forest Schools sessions:

The children had a go at making a wattle and daub wall. We tried different natural materials to see which had the best binding quality! It's a lot harder than it looks!Using a potato peeler the children in Year 3/4 whittled sticks to make Spears:

The children also built shelters to make camp:

They learnt how to whittle sticks to make weapons:

The children collected wood for the fire, then kept warm around it:

Here they are gathering around the campfire to evaluate the session: