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Week 4 in Class 2

posted 26 Sep 2014, 05:25 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 28 Sep 2014, 11:30 ]
We've had an action packed week this week in Class 2 from writing our own stories, to watching Class 3's assembly. As a class we would just like to say thank you for reading our web page each week and keeping up to date with all the learning that is taking place in our classroom!

This week in English we have started writing our own stories based on the book 'How to Catch a Star'. Our own stories are set in the woodland with creatures from foxes to owls. Eleanor, Jacob and McKenna were so proud of their story mountains and are looking forward to completing their stories too.

During the week in maths we have been learning about rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and estimating the number of objects. We have been challenged in our maths lessons this week and found estimating particularly challenging. Rosy, Reece, Libby and Teagan talk about rounding to the nearest 10 using the hundred square.

Across the curriculum we have had great fun with a visit from Mini Medics; we learnt about how to keep our families safe if anything happened at home. We learnt how to call 999 and how to help people if they cut themselves. We were really good at listening and we've learnt some valuable skills.


Also in P.E this week we have learnt more about different types of passes. This is so we can play bench-ball and basketball in future lessons.

Our favourite moments from this week:

"I liked doing P.E this week, we learnt different types of passes," said Charlie.

"I really liked creating my story mountain,"said Max.

"I really enjoyed learning the overhead pass in P.E," said Elissa.