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Happy New Year from Class 4!

posted 15 Jan 2015, 06:55 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 15 Jan 2015, 06:55 ]
Happy New Year to everyone. 

At the beginning of this new term, the children in Class 4 wrote about their goal and how they will achieve it in 2015.

Our English lessons this half term will be linked to the whole academy project ‘Caldi Does Stories’. We will be looking at a wide range of narrative writing in preparation for National Storytelling Week. The first text that we have looked at is called 'One Winter's Night', a story about four nocturnal animals who demonstrate the importance of kindness and friendship. The children enjoyed reading the story before writing a book review to reflect their thoughts about it. They then rewrote the story in their own words, later 'polishing' their writing to make it even better.

We have been revising place value in mathematics. Building upon our learning in the Autumn term, we have been comparing, ordering and partitioning numbers, ensuring that we understand the value of each digit in a two or three digit number.


We have also been carrying out investigations - one was about the pattern of odd and even numbers. The other challenged the children to find out whether the following statement was correct: There are 18 different numbers with the number 4 in it on the hundred square. Ask your child to tell you about what they found out.

In our project sessions, we have been finding out about Busy Bear’s Great Adventures.

He went to Scotland to celebrate the New Year. 

We have learnt a few interesting facts.
  1. Hogmanay is the Scottish word for New Year.
  2. Hogmanay celebrations last for three days.
  3. Busy Bear was amazed when he saw all the fireworks in Edinburgh celebrating the start of the New Year.
  4. We live in England and Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.
  5. Busy Bear travelled North to reach his destination. 
We also learnt about a famous Scottish artist called John Duncan Fergusson.


Class 4 want to find out more about the United Kingdom in the next few weeks.