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Week 5 in Class 4

posted 5 Oct 2014, 13:09 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 5 Oct 2014, 13:11 ]
This week, in Maths, we completed our unit on Place Value. Take a look at our 'marvellous' working wall which showcases all of the different areas of mathematics we have been exploring:

We have now embarked upon our next unit, Addition and Subtraction, which we started with an addition investigation. The children were challenged to find out how many different totals they could make by rolling two dice and adding the numbers together. They then had to record each number sentence and systematically identify each different total, which the children did by crossing the numbers off on a hundred square:

As always, the children continued to extend their mathematics learning through daily counting practice and CLIC tests:

To give you a flavour of the type of activities involved in the CLIC tests, here is the one that most of the children in Class 4 completed this week:
As you can see, the test ensures that the children apply a range of mathematical skills and provides them with the opportunity to draw upon these skills regularly.

In Science, we have started exploring the world around us and generated scientific questions about what we wanted to find out about our 'natural world'. Following this, we went and explored our academy's grounds to find out about the different types of trees that are growing outside:

Can you spot us?

In English, we have finished our own versions of 'How to Catch a Star'. Some children have really started to take ownership of their writing and explored different ways of providing detail and keeping the reader interested, through the use of AA sentences (when two adjectives are provided to describe a noun) and BOYS sentences (when one of the conjunctions 'but', 'or','yet' or 'so' are used in a sentence).

In Class 4, we love to read and the children are provided with opportunities to read in all areas of the curriculum. However, it is also beneficial for the children to engage in reading as a listener. Therefore, like all other classes, we end each day with story time. On Friday, we were fortunate enough to listen to a story that Ebony had brought in from home - it even involved us closing our eyes to make a wish: