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Chinese New Year

posted 7 Mar 2016, 12:26 by Vicki Bowes   [ updated 7 Mar 2016, 12:54 ]
This term we have focused upon stories linked to the Chinese New Year. First we explored the story of how each of the twelve animals came to be selected. Then we enjoyed sharing a story all about Nian the fearsome Dragon. We celebrated the New Year on February 8th by making dragons, creating a dragon dance and food tasting.

We are very proud of our display because so many people have stopped to admire our work.



The Story of Nian by Kenzie Armstrong Year 2.

Once upon a time long ago, there was a colossal man eating beast, called Nian. Every New Year he came to the village to eat whatever he could find. He looked a bit friendly and colourful but was mean as well. He lived in the big blue ocean, far away from the village. When Nian woke up he flew out of the ocean onto land to terrify the village. The whole village set off to the mountains to find shelter because the beast would kill them. A traveller came to the village, looking for food and shelter.

The old lady put crackers and red sheets of paper on her door and windows. Everywhere was dark except one house, it was the old lady’s house. Later that night Nian came to land but the crackers scared him and then he saw red sheets of paper. That scared him even more than the very noisy crackers, because he hated the colour red.

Nian ran back to the ocean as fast as he could and was never seen again. Every New Year since, Nian has never returned and it became a Chinese tradition. They always wear red clothing, lit fire crackers and put red sheets of paper on the doors and windows.

The Story of Nian by Lexi Roberts Year 2.

Once upon a time there was a colourful dreadful dragon. He was nasty to people. When he woke up all of the people went to the mountains.

One night a traveller was in the village, the old lady gave him some food and he gave the old lady a secret. 

The Story of Nian by Sienna Siviter Year 2.

Once upon a time, there lived a man eating monster, named Nian. He lived deep in the ocean, he would sleep every day of the year except New Year’s Eve. Nian would come on land to attack the villagers.

One year on that night a traveller looking for food and a place to sleep came to the village. The old lady showed him some generosity and he gave the old lady a secret.

That night Nian would come out of the water and eat whatever he could find. The old lady set off fire crackers, painted and decorated her windows and doors. Lit lanterns.

This became Chinese tradition.