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Week 2 in year 2!

posted 4 Oct 2016, 03:52 by Vicki Bowes

We have had an incredible time in Year 2 so far. Please read the information below, generated by the children.

On Tuesday 16th September we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. We dressed up as characters from the books he had written. Jaycee-Leigh commented, “I liked the Oompa-Loompa costumes the best.” What an amazing day!

Taking Care of Alfie the Tortoise
On our first day back to school we found an old case next to a lamppost. Back in our classroom we discovered a letter in the case from Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver. They asked us to look after Alfie the Tortoise because they were away on holiday.

We loved taking care of Alfie and wrote a report about how to keep a tortoise safe, happy and healthy. Our favourite part was giving Alfie a bath.

The BFG Visits
On one magical Monday morning we found glimmering glitter and minty sweets scattered all over the Key Stage 1 corridor. We thought the BFG had visited because he had left giant footprints and an enormous key behind. Also Alfie had disappeared. Later that week we received a letter from the BFG. He was very sorry about all the mess and said that he had returned Alfie to Mr Hoppy.

Willy Wonka interrupts Chocolate Kebab Making
This week have made chocolate kebabs in our Caldicotes Chocolate Factory. Then we had to leave our kebab designs in the hub for the Oompa-Loompas to collect.

We explored various designs to share with Willy Wonka.

We thoroughly enjoyed eating our chocolate kebabs.