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Year 1 (Class 2)

Welcome back to Year 1!

posted 12 Oct 2017, 13:26 by Vicki Bowes

It has been a busy week for the children in Year 1 exploring the new classroom and learning areas. We are enjoying our superhero topic and we are excited to continue our superhero training.


In English this week we have been practising our handwriting skills, remembering to sit all our letters on the line. We have also been writing about the skills we would like to have if we were a superhero using lots of descriptive vocabulary.

On Wednesday we took part in National Read A Book Day and spent time sharing our favourite stories with each other.


In maths this week we have been ordering and representing numbers up to 20. We have been working independently and in groups to solve the problems. We have also been practising counting up to 100 and timing ourselves to see if we can beat our time every day.


This week in our P.E session we had a sports coach teaching us some football activities. Miss Draffan and Mrs Thompson were very impressed with the children’s skills.

Forest School

Every Tuesday we have forest school in year 1 which all the children enjoy. This week we were learning how to tie an overhand knot.


Through our superhero topic we have created our own superhero masks and designed some superhero clothing for a superhero. We have also read the superhero book ‘Max’ and used our resilient reader skills to ask lots of questions about the story. 

Some children have been putting their skills to the test by rebuilding a broken bike. They have worked together really well to work out where each bit needed to go. 

Week 19 in Year 1!

posted 8 Mar 2017, 06:11 by Vicki Bowes


We have continued to learn about fractions, learning about how to half amounts or objects. We have even started learning about quarters of objects.


In English this week we have been writing about dragons. We are reading some different stories about dragons and then write our own.

World Book Day

We loved World Book Day this year and the children looked fabulous. Thank you for supporting such a fantastically fun day. We love reading books as it makes our writing so much better.

Week 18 in Year 1!

posted 17 Feb 2017, 05:16 by Vicki Bowes


We have continued to learn about money and also had a fun session on Friday making pizzas.

We made fraction pizzas. We designed them in our maths books and then made them in real life. 


As it is ‘Random acts of Kindness Week’ we have been writing about activities we love to do and that make us feel happy. 


This week we chose to draw a character from the film ‘Inside Out’. Here’s a selection of some of our amazing drawings. Maybe in the future we might be the next animation artists.


Week 17 in Year 1!

posted 16 Feb 2017, 02:10 by Vicki Bowes   [ updated 16 Feb 2017, 05:20 ]


This week we wrote some descriptive sentences about fruit and we also started learning about the characters from the film ‘Inside Out’ 

Marvellous Me

Log on to our Marvellous Me to see what your child is doing in the academy and any key messages for the class. If you need any help logging in or downloading the app please feel free to contact Miss Mount.

Safer Internet Day

Staying safe in our local environment is so important and this week we learnt about how to stay safe with a talk from the police and work in our classroom.


Week 16 in Year 1!

posted 16 Feb 2017, 01:53 by Vicki Bowes   [ updated 16 Feb 2017, 05:20 ]


We chose different coins to put in a purse, we used our counting skills to help us find the total amounts of the coins in each purse.

Our Assembly

Well this week we wowed the academy and our parents and families with our amazing assembly that was all about our learning in Year 1. 

Reflecting on our Assembly

On Friday this week we thought it would be a perfect time to reflect upon our learning from the last few weeks. We thought about what we were proud of and how we could make our best even better next time.

Week 15 in Year 1!

posted 15 Feb 2017, 06:49 by Vicki Bowes


This week we identified different coins, we wrote the names of each coin and learnt about how important it is to use the ‘£’ and ‘p’ signs when writing about money.


This week we read the book ‘Kitchen Disco’ and tasted some different fruits. We loved the book so much and we could not stop laughing.


In art we created a picture of our favourite fruit using oil pastels so we could create a colourful display in school.

Week 14 in Year 1!

posted 15 Feb 2017, 06:42 by Vicki Bowes


This week we have been using a new app called Seesaw. This is an app where we share our learning and we have been peer reviewing each other’s work.


We have started to write our story about Busy Bear, we used our plan to help us write a really exciting story. We have also been learning how to read over our work to check that it makes sense.


In maths we have still been learning about addition and subtraction. We read word problems and found the answers using a hundred square. We have also started our new maths unit all about money.

Week 13 in Year 1!

posted 15 Feb 2017, 06:33 by Vicki Bowes


In English we started our project about ‘Busy Bear’ we asked questions about where ‘Busy Bear’ had been. We also planned our very own story using a story mountain, we used the word bank to help us.


In maths we have been working on bonds to twenty using the bar method. We used numicon and hundred squares to help us find the difference between the numbers so we could find the answer. 

Week 12 in Year 1!

posted 11 Dec 2016, 02:10 by Vicki Bowes

Exciting News

Over the weekend we had a visit from a cheeky elf called Errol. He was so cheeky he messaged Miss Mount pretending to be Mrs Steele saying to come dressed as an elf. So we are going to try and help him to become the best he can be. Errol left footprints and the hub now looks like an elf workstation. 


We wrote some wondering questions about why Errol had arrived at our school and we also started writing some letters to Santa after Errol said Santa had misplaced some of our Christmas letters.


We have started to learn about 3D shapes and their properties, we have learnt new vocabulary linked to the shapes. 


In art this week, we have been thinking about our drawing skills and we have been drawing our Christmas tree from the classroom.


Week 11 in Year 1!

posted 11 Dec 2016, 01:56 by Vicki Bowes

Exciting news 

This week Busy Bear is going to Scotland we will miss him but we were excited because we got to celebrate St. Andrew's Day ourselves! Here's how we celebrated.

We learnt about the traditional Scottish ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee) dancing, which was fun.

English and maths

We worked out maths problems linked to Busy Bear’s trip and we also learnt about the four different countries that make up the United Kingdom.

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