Learning Lodge

The Learning Lodge is our 'in-school' special needs support base where we provide an intervention programme to each child identified as SA+ and requiring specific learning support from year 1 to 6.

Each child works with a member of staff completing a learning programme targeted at addressing gaps within their understanding. The Learning Lodge has adopted a multi-sensory approach to teaching, often utilising eco-projects to support our kinaesthetic learners. The Learning Lodge children, who at times suffer from low self-confidence and who may have issues regarding self-esteem, have benefited from taking a leading role in previous school environmental projects, most recently with selling our home grown food at our Parents Consultation Event!

The Learning Lodge is ran by Mr Jones who teaches a Key Stage Two Nurture Group on a morning and runs interventions for Key Stage two on an afternoon. Mrs Herman has a timetable dedicated to running Key Stage One intervention support, often this is on a one-to-one basis. Mrs Herman is a very experienced member of our team and has a wealth of skills in providing phonics, reading and writing support. 

We liaise closely with a range of professional organisations to support our children’s development, including reading support via our work with the LA and the 'Raising achievement and progress team'.

Learning Lodge Links

Nurture Group Assembly

posted 1 May 2015, 06:53 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 1 May 2015, 06:54 ]

On Wednesday 29th April 2015, the children from our Key Stage 2 Nurture Group shared their learning of the Chinese story of Nian. In case you missed it, here it is...

What’s been happening in the Summer term in the Learning Lodge?

posted 22 Aug 2014, 12:34 by Tom Kentfield-Wells

This has been a busy time in the Learning Lodge, sadly we had to say goodbye to Miss Talbot as she began a new adventure starting her teacher training. We were very thankful for all the hard work that Miss Talbot put in during her time in the Lodge. Miss Talbot’s Learning Lodge children are now working with Mr Jones on an afternoon to continue to support their progression. As the weather gets nicer we will try and run as many interventions as possible to utilise the wonderful outside environment we have.

What’s been happening in the Spring term in the Learning Lodge?

posted 22 Aug 2014, 12:33 by Tom Kentfield-Wells

During the Spring term the Learning Lodge has continued to offer high quality support to all children in school who require more support in achieving their goals. Mrs Herman has made great strides with the Key Stage One children who are all working hard to progress. She has had particular success in introducing tasks specifically aimed at developing pupil’s hand-eye coordination and develop their fine motor skills. Miss Talbot has been working hard in finding new and inventive ways to engage the pupils in years 3,4 and 5. These have included creating greater links between the learning Lodge and the classroom to ensure the children are consistently applying their IEP targets. 

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