Class 5 (2014-2015)

Week 6 in Class 5

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Paddington Bear
As part of our project on ‘Best of British’ we have been looking at famous British stories. We have really enjoyed reading stories about Paddington Bear and writing our own adventure story based on this famous character.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Our work in maths has been all about developing our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. We started our work by finding fractions of shapes and quantities then moved onto using Numicon to learn about percentages as being parts out of 100. We enjoyed using Numicon to make designs and work out the different fractions, decimals and percentages we had created.

Road Safety Week
Sam from Junior Cadets visited us this week to talk all about road safety. It is National Road Safety Week when we come back after the holidays. We were reminded about how to cross the road safety and were reminded about things that are dangerous to do around busy roads.

Best of British

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Best of British Project
This term, lots of our work in Class 5 will be based around the topic ‘Best of British’. We are learning more about what it means to be British and why we enjoy living in Britain. To start our project, we watched the most British video our teacher could find…the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games in London. While we were watching the amazing video, we thought of lots of questions about Britain that we wanted to find the answers to. As a class we have decided to learn about fashion, landmarks, food and take a look at famous British artists and designers. Some of the boys in our class want to find out more about the army and navy and their history.

Our 3D Map
On our school field we have been working together to construct a 3D model of the British Isles and are looking forward to making model landmarks and information boards about the major towns and cities.

1970s Life in Britain
We have been looking at what life has been life for people living in Britain since WWII and how things have changed. We interviewed Mrs Vaughan to find out what life was like for her, growing up in the 1970s, what school was like and what she enjoyed playing when she was younger. All of the information we have collected, we are using to write detailed reports about growing up in the 1970s.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

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In our English work we are looking at a range of humorous poetry. We have been enjoying many of the poems from Paul Cookson’s book, ‘The Works’. As part of our English work we have been rehearsing poems to present to each other in class and trying to write our own verses to some of the poems we have enjoyed.

In our maths lessons we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We have been developing the tricky skills of linking fractions to decimals and percentages. Some of us have even been able to work out fractions of different amounts.

We really enjoyed our trip to Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum at the end of last half term. This was an opportunity for us to examine what it would have been like to be a Roman solider and live in Roman times. We particularly enjoyed the time quest activity when we experienced what it would be like to be an archaeologist.

Multiplication, Division and the Romans

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In maths this week we have been looking at division. We started the week by using counters to reinforce our understanding of what division is and how to share equally between a numbers of groups. Throughout the week we have moved to start using formal written methods for multiplication. Most of us found this very tricky but were pleased when we knew what to do.

As we reach the end of our project on the Romans, we have been looking at myths and legends in English and the ancient story of Romulus and Remus. By reading the book on our iPads we have learnt about the legend of how Rome came to be over 2000 years ago. We are looking forward to writing our own versions of the story before we visit Arbeia Roman fort next week where we will be researching the past, finding out what is like to be and archaeologist and visiting a replica of a Roman Villa.

Happy New Year from Class 5!

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Sci-Fi Stories
In Class 5 we have been reading science fiction stories. We have been learning all about what makes this genre of stories special, looking at the characters and settings that we would expect to find in one of these stories. We have be focusing on a story called ‘Alien School’ in which a boy goes to his new school and finds that things are a little bit different from what he is used to. We have enjoyed the story so much that we have started to write our own version, thinking about what life could be like for us at an alien school.

Getting Fit for 2015
We are starting our year off by using our PE lessons to get fit and work off our Christmas Dinner. We really enjoyed circuit training this week and using stop watches to time each other to see how many of each activity we could complete in 30 seconds. It was also a great opportunity to show off lots of maths skills, using time and counting in different steps.


Week 13 in Class 5

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Peter Pan
We have been starting our Christmas work this week by looking at a traditional Christmas pantomime and re-writing the story using lots of description and different sentence types. We really enjoyed watching the M&M production of Peter Pan with the rest of school on Monday and are looking forward to completing our writing.

Electricity and Circuits
We have been exploring simple circuits in Science this week and using the brain box science kits to show off what we know about why bulbs in different circuits light up. We are hoping to learn enough about electricity and circuits to be able to build our own sets of fairy lights for a Christmas tree.

Week 12 in Class 5

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We have been learning about lines of symmetry and mirror lines in maths. We enjoyed making symmetrical patterns and pictures using Numicon shapes and plates and challenging each other to produce interesting patterns.

English Work
As we start to think about Christmas we have been looking at the events that lead up to the Christmas day truce during the year of the Great War. We have enjoyed reading a range of stories and texts using the iPads and comparing the setting and characters that we have encountered.

Week 11 in Class 5

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Shape Work
In maths we have been learning all about the names and properties of 2D shapes. We enjoyed exploring Venn diagrams to sort shapes based on different criteria. We enjoyed using the iPads to complete a right angle hunt before presenting our findings to the rest of our class.

World War 1
In English we have continued to learn about World War 1 and the battlefields that our British soldiers fought on. We enjoyed spending a lot of our English lessons reading the book ‘War Games’ on the iPads. This gave us a real understanding of what life was like in the battlefields. We used what we had learned to write descriptions of the battlefields and paint detailed pictures.

School of Rock­
Thank you to everyone who came to watch our performance following our ‘School of Rock’ project. If you missed our performance, you can see it here:

Week 10 in Class 5

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In maths we have continued to develop our understanding of fractions and began to relate fractions to decimals and percentages. We have enjoyed using a new app on the iPads to help us understand the concepts we have covered.

Our English and project work have continued to explore World War One. We enjoyed looking at evidence from different sources including books, websites and videos to help us understand why the war began. We have enjoyed producing propaganda posters that would have been displayed in public places during the war years to persuade people to join the army, raise money and save food and other resources. They also encouraged women to join the forces.

As we prepare for our School of Rock concert next week we have been polishing the songs we have learnt, working together with Class 6 to put together our different parts. We hope parents and friends will be able to join us for our performance on Wednesday afternoon.

Week 9 in Class 5

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In maths this week, we have been learning all about fractions of shapes and numbers. We really enjoyed investigating looking at Smarties boxes and working out what fraction of Smarties each colour was. Some people even managed to start simplifying fractions and working out what decimal each colour was.

We have begun looking at the Great War that happened 100 years ago as our project for this half term. This week we have learned all about King George V because he was the King of England when war broke out. We have been using the iPads to research what type of ruler he was and make animations of him.

The Happy Puzzle Company
We have had a visit from The Happy Puzzle Company who shared lots of different maths games and activities. We enjoyed sharing the work we were doing with some parents who came to join in with us.

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