Happy New Year from Class 5!

posted 9 Jan 2015, 05:30 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 9 Jan 2015, 05:30 ]
Sci-Fi Stories
In Class 5 we have been reading science fiction stories. We have been learning all about what makes this genre of stories special, looking at the characters and settings that we would expect to find in one of these stories. We have be focusing on a story called ‘Alien School’ in which a boy goes to his new school and finds that things are a little bit different from what he is used to. We have enjoyed the story so much that we have started to write our own version, thinking about what life could be like for us at an alien school.

Getting Fit for 2015
We are starting our year off by using our PE lessons to get fit and work off our Christmas Dinner. We really enjoyed circuit training this week and using stop watches to time each other to see how many of each activity we could complete in 30 seconds. It was also a great opportunity to show off lots of maths skills, using time and counting in different steps.