Week 10 in Class 5

posted 14 Nov 2014, 05:21 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 14 Nov 2014, 05:21 ]
In maths we have continued to develop our understanding of fractions and began to relate fractions to decimals and percentages. We have enjoyed using a new app on the iPads to help us understand the concepts we have covered.

Our English and project work have continued to explore World War One. We enjoyed looking at evidence from different sources including books, websites and videos to help us understand why the war began. We have enjoyed producing propaganda posters that would have been displayed in public places during the war years to persuade people to join the army, raise money and save food and other resources. They also encouraged women to join the forces.

As we prepare for our School of Rock concert next week we have been polishing the songs we have learnt, working together with Class 6 to put together our different parts. We hope parents and friends will be able to join us for our performance on Wednesday afternoon.