Week ending 10.02.17

posted 14 Feb 2017, 03:08 by Vicki Bowes

In English this week we are still focusing on the book The Stone Age Boy and are looking forward to writing our own version - we get to fall down a hole and have some adventures in the past. We have also created some freeze frame pictures showing things we could do in the Stone Age to help us with our story ideas.

We continue to practise our spellings every week and have lots of different strategies to help us. This week we have been using pyramid writing.

In maths we have started to look at perimeter. We have been drawing different squares and rectangles onto squared paper and working out the perimeter of them. Can your child tell you how to find the perimeter of a shape?

In ICT we are learning all about coding using a free app called Tynker – please feel free to download it onto an iPad, if you have one, to give your child some extra practise at home.