More Able, Gifted or Talented (MAGT)

What is a MAGT child?
Within our academy, we value all our children equally and endeavour to ensure that each child has the opportunity to realise their potential in our challenging and supportive environment.
Our definition of ability recognises academic and practical performance as well as those who show outstanding artistic, musical and creative talent, physical skills, leadership qualities and the ability to process ideas and information. It also recognises that a child may possess this potential although performance may not currently reflect this.
Our academy will have, at any time, talented or gifted pupils, some of whom may be exceptionally able and this may be in one or more areas of learning. We believe that we can make a difference in enabling these pupils to achieve the greatest possible progress and recognise the value and importance of identifying and celebrating their achievements and successes. 
We subscribe to the research that indicates that by making provision for pupils with specific gifts or talents,  the standards of achievement are often raised for all pupils. 

What the terms mean:
Genius – An exceptional intelligence or creative power or other natural ability or tendency that would be internationally recognised. (E.g. Mozart, Olympic medal winner, Oscar winner) 

Exceptionally Able – An intelligence or creative power or other natural ability or tendency that would be nationally recognised. (E.g. On the county or national team) 

Gifted – The top 5-10% of age related intellectual or academic ability within the school. 

Talented – The top 5-10% of age related practical or creative power or other natural ability or tendency within the school. 

Dual or Multiple Exceptionalities (DME) – A child with a disability or other special educational need or additional educational need, that is also gifted, talented, exceptionally able or genius in another area. (E.g. An autistic child with an exceptional calculating ability) 

More able – children who have the potential to or who are working above age related expectations in academic or practical subject areas within the school. 

Provision for our MAGT pupils

There are a variety of target projects, tasks and activities that are scheduled to take place across the coming year that will challenge our More Able, Gifted and Talented pupils across the range of their abilities.

James McGlynn - supports staff to identify 'sporting talents', signposts pupils' families to local groups to develop emerging talent and runs the after-school football club.

Performances:  Miss Edgar and Mrs Hill will run Performance and Dramatic Arts after-school club, encouraging all pupils to develop their self-esteem and confidence, but additionally providing skilled coaching to develop drama and singing talent.
Art & Design:
The talented team of artistic L&TAs and teachers will run various artistic clubs linked to environmental projects, whole school themes and projects and performances.
Forest Schools: The two trained Forest Schools L&TA Leaders will work across the phase teams, challenging pupils' practical and problem solving skills, supporting staff to identify emerging skills and talents to be further developed and enhanced.

School Captains - two Y6 pupils will be selected following an application process that will involve, a written application, presentation to peers and interview.  They will represent the academy at formal events and occasions and act as 'Academy Ambassadors.'  The Captains will display excellent communication skills, be able to undertake tasks and roles responsibly and independently and lead by example.
Prefects - will be nominated by their peers and staff to undertake specific responsibilities across the academy.  They will demonstrate effective communication, independence and team working.

Meet the Y3/4 MAGT Maths and English Groups!

posted 21 Nov 2014, 06:14 by Tom Kentfield-Wells

Now that we are in the second half of the Autumn term, Mrs Caveney has started with the children in Year 3/4 who have been identified as More Able, Gifted or Talented (MAGT) in Maths and English. Here is an overview of the learning that each group will undertake:

The Year 3 Maths group will focus on improving mental maths skills and problem solving, using all operations. Practical opportunities and ICT will be used to challenge the children's mathematical thinking.

The Year 4 Maths group will investigate links between mathematical operations and how this can help improve their mental and written work.  The pupils will also work independently and collaboratively in order to solve a range of mathematical problems.

The Year 3 English group will use texts, ICT games and programmes to improve their spelling, punctuation and grammar. To focus writing skills the pupils will draw on personal experiences and research skills to use a range of different sentence structures in their work.

The Year 4 English group will consolidate their knowledge and understanding of word classes, punctuation and different sentence types.  The children will use their skills to write fiction, non fiction and poetry applying key features and sentences relevant to the text they are writing.

Week 6 MAGT

posted 13 Oct 2014, 03:28 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 13 Oct 2014, 03:29 ]

This week we have been solving fractions of numbers.

Aaliyah thought this activity was quite hard because she does not work with fractions every day.

Kai did not know how to solve fractions of numbers but now he does. He is getting better at it.  Mrs Caveney told him that making effective use of multiplication tables and rapid recall of corresponding division facts will improve his ability.

Bobby thinks that it is easy to find fractions of numbers when you know how it works. Bobby uses this method: multiply the number by the numerator (top part of fraction ) find the answer.  Divide the answer by the denominator (bottom part of fraction) and you have found the solution.

Week 5 MAGT

posted 3 Oct 2014, 06:08 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 13 Oct 2014, 03:29 ]

MAGT English

Here we are researching for our biographies before writing to ensure we find interesting, significant and amusing information:

Kirsty is writing a biography about Miranda Cosgrove because she is a good role model and actress.

Kian has chosen Juninho because he is Kian's favourite footballer.

Leighenna loves Katy Perry so has chosen to write about her.

Dani Harmer, an actress, is the person most admired by Louise. Dani is the star of Tracy Beaker.

Kacey says that Katy Perry is her number one popstar!

Roald Dahl is the inspiration for Aaliyah's biography.

MAGT Maths

This week the pupils have been working on solving sequences.


Kian enjoyed this activity. He said, "This activity was fun because I was able to use doubling and halving."

Jakub commented, "A pretty interesting clue to solve because you didn't know what method you had to use next."

"This week the murder mystery clue was amazing because we had to use all number operations to solve the different sequences," said Keiron.

Meet the KS2 MAGT Maths and English Groups...

posted 26 Sep 2014, 06:55 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 26 Sep 2014, 06:58 ]

Year 5 Maths Group

The children are working on a murder mystery activity which involves many aspects of maths.

Week 1 involved basic algebra involving all number operations. The calculations provided a numerical answer which the children changed into a letter. Once all the answers had been changed the children were left with a clue. This allowed them to eliminate suspects.

Week 2 focused on lines of symmetry of letters. Children identified lines of symmetry. Once solved the pupils used a code to highlight certain letters. This provided clue 2.

The children started with 32 possible suspects and through their work they have now eliminated 16.

Year 4/5 English Group

These children are the Year 4/5 More Able English group:

This half term the children are working on the non fiction genres of: biography, non chronological reports and persuasive texts.

The pupils are currently researching the life of a famous person, in order to prepare a biography to share with their classes.

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