Meet the KS2 MAGT Maths and English Groups...

posted 26 Sep 2014, 06:55 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 26 Sep 2014, 06:58 ]
Year 5 Maths Group

The children are working on a murder mystery activity which involves many aspects of maths.

Week 1 involved basic algebra involving all number operations. The calculations provided a numerical answer which the children changed into a letter. Once all the answers had been changed the children were left with a clue. This allowed them to eliminate suspects.

Week 2 focused on lines of symmetry of letters. Children identified lines of symmetry. Once solved the pupils used a code to highlight certain letters. This provided clue 2.

The children started with 32 possible suspects and through their work they have now eliminated 16.

Year 4/5 English Group

These children are the Year 4/5 More Able English group:

This half term the children are working on the non fiction genres of: biography, non chronological reports and persuasive texts.

The pupils are currently researching the life of a famous person, in order to prepare a biography to share with their classes.