Meet the Y3/4 MAGT Maths and English Groups!

posted 21 Nov 2014, 06:14 by Tom Kentfield-Wells
Now that we are in the second half of the Autumn term, Mrs Caveney has started with the children in Year 3/4 who have been identified as More Able, Gifted or Talented (MAGT) in Maths and English. Here is an overview of the learning that each group will undertake:

The Year 3 Maths group will focus on improving mental maths skills and problem solving, using all operations. Practical opportunities and ICT will be used to challenge the children's mathematical thinking.

The Year 4 Maths group will investigate links between mathematical operations and how this can help improve their mental and written work.  The pupils will also work independently and collaboratively in order to solve a range of mathematical problems.

The Year 3 English group will use texts, ICT games and programmes to improve their spelling, punctuation and grammar. To focus writing skills the pupils will draw on personal experiences and research skills to use a range of different sentence structures in their work.

The Year 4 English group will consolidate their knowledge and understanding of word classes, punctuation and different sentence types.  The children will use their skills to write fiction, non fiction and poetry applying key features and sentences relevant to the text they are writing.