Week 7 PPA

posted 17 Oct 2014, 06:14 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 17 Oct 2014, 07:22 ]
Year 5/6 RE
The children have been learning about the Western Wall in Jerusalem and its importance to Jewish people, as a special place to pray to God.

Declan's special  place is his home because it is where he feels relaxed and loved.

Keira's special place is large tree in Stewart Park which she likes to sit under and read a book. It makes her feel calm.

Year 5/6 Science / Art
The pupils have been investigating day and night, linked to the rotation of the Earth on its axis every twenty four hours. To demonstrate their understanding of day and night the children have produced art work using pastels, chalk and crayons. They have used warm colours to represent day and assorted greys to portray night.


Year 1/2 History
Elle and Dilara completed a task involving sorting weapons, countries and transport linked to the First World War.

Teamwork gets the task completed. Lennon and Grace were able to sort and read words linked to World War One.

Year 1/2 Geography
Mia could identify local avenues and crescents in the local area. She was able to colour code these and make a simple key.

Mason produced a colour coded map of the area around Caldicotes Primary Academy. He could also approximately locate his house.