Week 8 PPA

posted 24 Oct 2014, 08:07 by Tom Kentfield-Wells   [ updated 24 Oct 2014, 08:19 ]
Year 3/4 RE & MFL
This week in our RE session we watched and discussed the story of Noah and the Ark. We thought about the promise God made to Noah after the flood. We made our own promises to ourselves, teachers and friends.

Maresha, Trinity and Phillippa were happy to share their promises:


Y3/4 were learning to count to ten in Japanese. Once they could do this we played bingo to test their understanding. The children arranged themselves from ten down to one. Each picture represents the Japanese word for the number. The pupils can also say hello and goodbye.


Reception's Halloween Party
The children of Class 1 had a great Halloween party. The pupils wore their scary outfits, danced to spooky songs and listened to Winnie the witch stories.


After the singing, dancing and story time the children enjoyed a Halloween feast.