PPA (2015-2016)

Stone Soup!

posted 11 Feb 2016, 14:24 by Vicki Bowes   [ updated 11 Feb 2016, 14:31 ]

Children from Year 3 and Year 5 have been working with the story of Stone Soup - retelling it in a variety of ways including speaking and listening ​activities, drawing story maps, making story boards and writing Stone Soup Recipes.

The Year 1 children also read a version of the story and sequenced pictures and sentences from the text.
All children have continued to practice the 3 knots that we have been learning, maybe they could tell you about them and practice them at home.


Outside Year 6 children continued working on their space themed weather station whilst Year 4 and Year 2 made good use of the windy weather. They used a tarpaulin to harness the wind's strength as well as a selection of windmills, helicopters and kites which allowed them to develop their problem solving skills.

Fire Safety

posted 3 Feb 2016, 03:26 by Vicki Bowes

In PPA we have been discussing the uses of fire and how to stay safe around fire.
We have also been learning a new knot - The Clovehitch.

In Key Stage 1, children have been learning what to do in case of fire, as well as how to behave around fires that have been lit for a purpose.
Year 2 children had the opportunity to have a go at fire lighting for themselves.


In Key Stage 2, children have been learning what a fire needs to make it burn - The Fire Triangle.
Year 3 and 4 children have read the story of Stone Soup and created their own comic strips to retell it whilst years 5 and 6 have devised a set of Fire Safety Rules.

Unfortunately due to high winds this week the children have been unable to light fires, instead they have researched the element Wind and made kites.


Making Christmas Tree Decorations

posted 3 Dec 2015, 02:12 by Vicki Bowes

In PPA sessions this week, all children across the academy have been involved in making Christmas tree decorations.

The children used a range of natural materials to create their decorations which have been used to decorate our very own Forest School themed Christmas Tree which is in pride of place in the school hall.

Every child was given the opportunity to put their decoration on the tree, they were all very proud of themselves!


Natural or Man Made?

posted 15 Oct 2015, 03:25 by Vicki Bowes

This week, Nursery, Year One, Year Three and Year Five participated in Forest School sessions outdoors. They had a good time, despite the rain, developing team spirit and revising safety procedures. They continued with the theme of Natural or Man made.

Inside during PPA, Year Two were sorting Natural and Man made materials. 

On 'No Pens Day Wednesday' Year Four and Year Six continued the theme of Natural and Man Made through a variety of Speaking and Listening Activities and games. Year Six children created Venn Diagrams to show their understanding, they quickly realised that a third category - Man Made from natural materials was required.


Forest Schools Week 2 and 3

posted 5 Oct 2015, 07:31 by Vicki Bowes   [ updated 5 Oct 2015, 07:33 ]

In PPA children in Reception,Year Two, Year Four and Year Six participated in Forest Schools. The focus for their learning was Forest School Safety, the younger children were shown how to move safely around the site, how to carry logs and branches as well as developing their understanding of nature and the difference between natural and man-made materials. Children in Key Stage 2 were given opportunities to demonstrate their existing knowledge of site safety whilst being engaged in a series of team building games and activities.

Children in Year One, Year Three and Year Five completed a series of tasks and activities designed to introduce or extend their knowledge of materials as appropriate. They worked in pairs to sort natural and man-made materials in Year One, whilst in Year Three the children recorded their findings in simple sets the Year 5 children used Venn diagrams to record their results. All children have been involved in a range of Speaking and Listening activities and games linked to the theme of Natural or Man-made.


An Introduction to Forest Schools

posted 10 Sep 2015, 12:35 by Vicki Bowes   [ updated 12 Sep 2015, 09:37 by Tom Kentfield-Wells ]

Throughout the school, PPA this week has been 'An Introduction to Forest Schools'. A learning walk through the various Forest School areas gave the children opportunities to discuss their expectations of Forest School sessions as well as the expectations of the staff involved. We also talked about the importance of appropriate clothing and the need to stay safe. Key Stage 2 children suggested possible activities and skills which could be incorporated into future sessions.

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