Forest Schools Week 2 and 3

posted 5 Oct 2015, 07:31 by Vicki Bowes   [ updated 5 Oct 2015, 07:33 ]
In PPA children in Reception,Year Two, Year Four and Year Six participated in Forest Schools. The focus for their learning was Forest School Safety, the younger children were shown how to move safely around the site, how to carry logs and branches as well as developing their understanding of nature and the difference between natural and man-made materials. Children in Key Stage 2 were given opportunities to demonstrate their existing knowledge of site safety whilst being engaged in a series of team building games and activities.

Children in Year One, Year Three and Year Five completed a series of tasks and activities designed to introduce or extend their knowledge of materials as appropriate. They worked in pairs to sort natural and man-made materials in Year One, whilst in Year Three the children recorded their findings in simple sets the Year 5 children used Venn diagrams to record their results. All children have been involved in a range of Speaking and Listening activities and games linked to the theme of Natural or Man-made.