Class 8 (2014-2015)

Class 8 week 10

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It has been a very busy couple of weeks in Year 5/6. We have all written a balanced argument based on whether zoos are a good or bad thing - what do you think? "Zoos are great because they keep animals away from poachers (poachers are hunters who kill animals for their fur or horns)." Wrote Sophie. "On the other hand zoos take away animals freedom and stop them from learning how to hunt." Wrote Brooke. 

It has been National Sports Week this week so we have been even more active than usual. The year 6 children have been swimming every afternoon and have loved it. We have taken part in Zumba, boxercise and rounders sessions. Our homework this week has been to design a sporting mascot or design for school, Kasie took this task even further and has created a 3D model of some weights with instructions of how to use them! 

We have also taken part in Barclays Money Skills workshops. In these we learned how to budget, work out profit margins and speak to some Barclays employees about the skills needed to do their jobs!

This week, according to Sophie, Kasie and Kai...

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This week in Class 8 we have been revising for our English and maths SATs.

We have been concentrating on revision today. We have also learnt a lot of skills in PE such as batting and bowling the ball (in cricket). By Sophie.

All of the Year 4/5 went to Albert Park to do orienteering, which was amazing. Orienteering is a running and fitness sport, you have a little map to show you where to go and a tiny monitor shaped as a ring. When you get to a machine you scan your monitor so it knows how many laps you have done.By Kasie.

This week some Year 6s went to a different primary school to do maths (problem solving activities) and it was fun and very educating. Some of the challenges were very hard. By Kai.

Class 8: Dragon's Den

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In Y5/6 we have been running a Dragon's Den project for the last two weeks. This has been a truly creative project where we have thought about applying lots of our skills from persuasive writing for adverts to mathematics including nets, and profit or loss.

Brooke, a Year 6 pupil in Class 8, said, "I have learnt that things don't always go the way you expect and that things are harder than you think. I have also learned how to cook a range of things like a smoothie. I have also learned how to add up a lot of numbers in one column addition. Also I have learned what a pitch is and how to write one. I have learned how to create an advert which is harder than it seems. I have also learned how to create the net of a long, thin rectangle."

In science we have covered healthy eating and we can now categorise foods into different groups and say whether they are beneficial to your health or not. We have learnt a lot of new ICT skills include working on creating and editing adverts, adding our own sound effects with voice overs.

Here is an example of one of the adverts that Class 8 created to sell their healthy fast food product:

Romeo and Juliet

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This week Class 8 have been working on Romeo and Juliet. The children have been really interested in the tragic love story where we have looked at the different characters and retold the story in our own words.

In maths we have been using our tests from last week to build on and fill any gaps in our learning. This has included proportion, compound area and percentages. During our 'Click' tests in the morning we have been listening to The Cardigans 'Love Fool'. The lyrics in this are linked to Romeo and Juliet.

We have also been extending our learning on Golapagos tortoise and how they have adapted to their environment. This science work has extended into a PLO to make our own dough which we will use for an ICT animation. This will tell the story of their evolution and hopefully we will share some on the website soon.

The Year 6 pupils have been practicing some first aid during SkillsForce. We now know what to do if a serious blood accident should occur. In the picture we have learnt how to raise our limbs to help reduce the flow of blood.

English and Mathematics in Year 6

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This week in English Year 6 have been working hard on our reading comprehension skills. We have looked at the following books;


These books are very different and have allowed the Year 6 children focus on different types of reading comprehension.

In Mathematics we have focused on a range of different questions from previous SATs papers. We have discussed different approaches and how we can make less mistakes. The children have also been doing extra homework so that they know their multiplication tables when needed.

Week 15 in Class 8

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Year 5/6 celebrated their work on WW1 by holding a truce match which celebrated the skills they've been learning in benchball. The children did some work on the iPads using sentence types in comic life about the match, as well as taking part in some commentary.


In Year 5/6 we have been extending our learning by hunting for triangle clues. We looked at different types of triangles with facts about them.


In skills force this week the Year 6s have been filling in their paper work and then working in pairs to listen or give instructions where we turn 90 degrees. We aimed to get back to our starting point if we had followed and gave the instructions properly... Some groups were successful!


Week 12 in Class 8

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It has been another busy week in Y5/6. In English we have been looking at diary entries. We have written diary entries from different perspectives using new sentence types we have practised in our morning meetings.

In Maths we have been learning about the properties of 3D and 2D shapes. We have been investigating systematic ways of recording and solving problems during our weekly Maths investigations.


During PE we have continued to learn the different passes we can use in bench ball. We evaluated our performance using the iPads.

We have also taken part in the Middlesbrough athletics competition, made board games in Forest Schools and completed acrostic poems in the Y6 Duke of Cambridge award.


Week 11 in Class 8

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This week in Class 8 we have been learning about the trenches. We have done some writing about different viewpoints. We thought about how life would be different between the generals and the honest Tommy.

In Mathematics we have been converting different type of units: mm, cm and m as well as Kg to g and vice versa. We also did an investigation into capacity and volume, where we had to find the biggest container.

We have also lit a fire and cooked in Year 5 whilst Year 6 made a poster about a hero from a war. In PE we have been applying our passing skills in bench-ball. We appraised our performance by writing for purpose using different sentence types on the iPads.

Week 10 in Class 8

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This week in Class 8 we have begun our new topic World War One. 

We have discussed how the war started and created a newspaper article about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. We have also been looking at the work of the famous war artist Paul Nash, particularly the paining ‘We are making a new world’. Tomorrow in art we are going to have a go at recreating this. We are looking forward to learning lots more about the war throughout our topic. 

We have been busy making poppies as part of our whole school display:


Our homework this week was to create a 3D poppy at home. Daniel has done a super job of this and was very proud of his poppy – it even earned him a Headteacher award!

This week we have also finished reading our class novel The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams.
“This book made me laugh, I like the part where Dennis put a dress on to go to school,” said Letitia.
“This was a funny book and my favourite part was the end when Dennis’ Dad was nice to him,” said Lennon.

In maths we have been very competitive with our Big Maths Beat that and we have a class leader board to see who can beat their scores and continue to improve.

Week 9 in Class 8

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This week we have been learning all about the story of Diwali.

We have used some of our drama skills to create still images of the story and then we turned our still images into a comic strip. 


We have also made Diwali lanterns.

Year 5 this week had a very special forest schools session where we very carefully got to light fires on the playground. We talked a lot about all of the important safety issues and how you must have permission from the land owners to light a fire.

On Thursday we had a visit from the Happy Puzzle Company. There were some very complicated puzzles.


We have started to do some art work relating to our new WW1 topic. We have posed as soldiers and then created some silhouettes.

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