Class 9 (2014-2015)

Class 9 Week 10

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What Have the Year Sixes Done This Week?

On Monday, when everyone came into the classroom, we read for a bit then got ready for one hour of Zumba. It was very tiring but everyone succeeded. When we got back to the classroom and everyone was changed back into their school uniform we got told to write half of a balanced argument (an introduction and two paragraphs for animals being kept in zoos). Shortly after, we had written the two paragraphs we went out for dinner. After dinner all the year sixes went swimming. A few people got their ten metres. Then when we all arrived back at school we went home.

On Tuesday, after ‘Wake Up and Boogie’, we had Skill Force. Nikki is our Skill Force instructor. We learnt how to put up tents, completed some activities planned by the other pupils and completed writing in our books. Everyone went out for dinner again. After dinner the year sixes went swimming again. A couple of people got their ten metres. Then everyone got ready we got back to school and then went home.

On Wednesday we had P.E. We had a run around the field do some one hundred metre sprints and then we played rounders. When we all got back inside we completed the other half of our balanced argument (against animals in zoos and our conclusion). Then we all went for dinner and the year sixes had swimming again. One person got their ten metres. When we got back to school we all went home.

On Thursday, we had PPA staff, both the year sixes and year fives did the Childline workshops and then the Barclays bank money skills. After everyone had done that we all went out for dinner. After dinner the year sixes went swimming whilst the year fives had Barclays workshop. When we got back to school we went to our after school clubs or went home. Then the children who went to their after school clubs went home.

On Friday, we wrote our balanced argument in our final draft book. Then the year sixes went to P.E. The year sixes did boxercise. Then everyone went to dinner and the year sixes went swimming once again whilst the year fives had boxercise.

Another busy week…

By Ashlee

Class 9's update, by Kai and Jakub

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This week we have been doing lots of reading comprehension and we have been practicing our Year 5 assembly (which is on Wednesday 20th May). We enjoyed PE, Mr Jones' class play and today we enjoyed orienteering at Stewart Park. 

By Kai ​and Jakub

Class 9: Dragon's Den

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In Y5/6 we have been running a Dragon's Den project for the last two weeks. This has been a truly creative project where we have thought about applying lots of our skills from persuasive writing for adverts to mathematics including nets, and profit or loss.

Maisie, a Year 6 in Class 9, said, "I have learnt more about the different food groups. I have become a more confident speaking in front of the full Year 5/6. I have learnt more about what protein, minerals and fibre help us with. I have learnt about how to make a price so we have a profit. We have made a script for our pitch. I felt nervous because Mr Stockwell, Miss Smith and the wonderful Mrs Thompson were the fierce dragons! I felt proud because at first I didn't really want to do it, however now I feel confident."

We used our ICT skills to make an advert for our product. Here is an example:

We also used our Design & Technology skills to make the product to see how tasty it was.

Romeo and Juliet

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This week Class 9 have been working on Romeo and Juliet. The children have been really interested in the tragic love story where we have looked at the different characters and retold the story in our own words.

In maths we have been using our tests from last week to build on and fill any gaps in our learning. This has included proportion, compound area and percentages. During our 'Click' tests in the morning we have been listening to The Cardigans 'Love Fool'. The lyrics in this are linked to Romeo and Juliet.

We have also been extending our learning on Golapagos tortoise and how they have adapted to their environment. This science work has extended into a PLO to make our own dough which we will use for an ICT animation. This will tell the story of their evolution and hopefully we will share some on the website soon.

The Year 6 pupils have been practicing some first aid during SkillsForce. We now know what to do if a serious blood accident should occur. In the picture we have learnt how to raise our limbs to help reduce the flow of blood.

English and Mathematics in Year 6

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This week in English Year 6 have been working hard on our reading comprehension skills. We have looked at the following books;


These books are very different and have allowed the Year 6 children focus on different types of reading comprehension.

In Mathematics we have focused on a range of different questions from previous SATs papers. We have discussed different approaches and how we can make less mistakes. The children have also been doing extra homework so that they know their multiplication tables when needed.

Week 15 in Class 9

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Year 5/6 celebrated their work on WW1 by holding a truce match which celebrated the skills they've been learning in benchball. The children did some work on the iPads using sentence types in comic life about the match, as well as taking part in some commentary.


In Year 5/6 we have been extending our learning by hunting for triangle clues. We looked at different types of triangles with facts about them.


In skills force this week the Year 6s have been filling in their paper work and then working in pairs to listen or give instructions where we turn 90 degrees. We aimed to get back to our starting point if we had followed and gave the instructions properly... Some groups were successful!


Week 12 in Class 9

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In Class 9 we have been investigating problem solving by set rules. We then explored more by extending the rules and started to make conjectures as to what would happen if...


In English we have been looking at diary entries. We have written diary entries from different perspectives using new sentence types we have practised in our morning meetings.

During PE we have continued to learn the different passes we can use in bench ball. We evaluated our performance using the iPads.

We have also taken part in the Middlesbrough athletics competition, made board games in Forest Schools and completed acrostic poems in the Y6 Duke of Cambridge award.


Week 11 in Class 9

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This week in Class 9 we have been learning about the trenches. We have done some writing about different viewpoints. We thought about how life would be different between the generals and the honest Tommy.

In Mathematics we have been converting different type of units: mm, cm and m as well as Kg to g and vice versa. We also did an investigation into capacity and volume, where we had to find the biggest container.

We have also lit a fire and cooked in Year 5 whilst Year 6 made a poster about a hero from a war. In PE we have been applying our passing skills in bench-ball. We appraised our performance by writing for purpose using different sentence types on the iPads.

Week 10 in Class 9

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This week in Class 9 we have started our World War 1 project. We have found out about how the war started and wrote what a newspaper article might have read like when war broke out.

We have also listened to some music through the war as well as finding out about the geography at the time.

In PE we have been showing our skills of passing at bench ball which will follow on to netball.

We also took part in the remembrance ​assembly as well as the two minutes silence to show our respect for those who have given their lives.

In Mathematics we have worked on perimeter, area and some other properties of shape.

Week 9 in Class 9

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This week in Class 9 we have been learning about Diwali and bonfire night. Here are some amazing facts about bonfire night; the rhyme of bonfire night is Remember remember the 5th of November the gun powder and plot there is no reason why gun powder treason should ever be forgot. The story of bonfire night is when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament because he wanted a new king. His plan failed and he was sent to prison then beheaded. 

Here are some things we done on Diwali; we made some educating story maps about Diwali.


We made some Diwali lanterns which were gorgeous. 

We also done some puzzles with a person from a company of puzzles. There was lots of different ones and great ones too!


By Jordan Lord

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