National Storytelling Week!

posted 9 Feb 2016, 02:19 by Vicki Bowes

We absolutely loved National Storytelling Week in year 6! We have done lots of activities to do with reading all through the week.

We took part in the whole school competition to see who could read the most stories! We are eagerly awaiting the results!

In English we have begun to look at many different Greek myths and we have discovered that myths are one of the oldest ways of telling stories. Up to now our favourite one is Pandora’s Box.

During National Storytelling week we had the fantastic opportunity to share some stories with children from Nursery and Year 1. We read to each other and asked each other questions about the books.

Sophie, from year 6 said “I enjoyed the shared reading because I had never read to a younger child before. I learnt that you need to speak slowly and ask clear questions to a year 1 child."

Daniel, from year 6, said “I enjoyed the shared reading because I asked lots of questions and answered interesting questions from the year 1s. I learnt to speak slowly when read reading a book to someone else.”